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Re: apology needed from Mr Vajpayee for betraying his Oath of Office

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Krishnan Kandasamy <nkandasamy@hotmail.com> wrote:
> By secularism I meant that the state doesn't have a religion. There is a
> difference being spriptual and being religious. You can be a spritual
> person, even if you don't follow a religion.
> STATE= Government Instituations, that govern the people has to be secular,
> without religion. People can have whatever they want and endorse what ever
> religion they want. Nobody is aganist a person being spritual or
> That is not the state business to interfere.
> Communalism is using religion for purposes other than being religious,
> winning votes, breaking in to other person property just because he
> to a different religion and claiming it to be a moral right of the
> Imposing "Hindutva" on people who belong to other religion.

No, actually that's not what communalism means. I know english isn't your
language, but try and learn to speak it reasonably accurately.
Communalism-->communal--->community (ie. any ethnic grouping).

Any ethnic grouping, whether religious, linguistic, racial, so-called
"caste", etc.

For example, when the Left play caste politics, they are being *communal*.
When you reserve jobs, or college seats, etc, for people on the basis of
ethnicity, for whatever reason, you are being *communal*.
Again, this is the problem with the Left having hijacked the universally
accepted meanings of words in the english language, to contrive their own
self-serving definitions.

Speaking of religious discrimination, when Pakistan doesn't allow
non-Muslims to hold elected office outside of certain reserved districts,
this is being communal. It is apartheid, and of course the Left are
completely silent on things like this. Apparently, their moral radar
conveniently stops at the border. Does it stop after 5pm too? How
marvelously convenient.

> While RSS/BJP and others claim to safeguarding India by targetting India,
> they are actually causing greater damange to it. There is no other reason
> but to gain votes of illiterate, misguided folks, who falls for their
> antics.

Again, the RSS and BJP are simply part of the buld of the Indian population
reacting to the excesses committed by others. You don't want them to react,
then don't commit the excesses.

> I am interested in a state called India that treats its citizens equally
> protects its citizens no matter, what religion they belong to.

You're interested in selective morality. When it's casteism, then you don't
want to call it communal. When terrorist fanatics are streaming across the
border to kill hapless citizens, then you call for "engagement" and
"dialogue" with these murderers.

> Unfortunately people like Bal Thackery are bigots and narrow minded
> hooligans, who are aganist any boby who don't pay them the hafta.

The fact is that ordinary people are reacting to the amazing one-sided and
self-serving blindness of the Left. People aren't going to stop reacting,
just because you deceptively tell them they aren't in pain.

Marathas are then displaced and discriminated against in their own home
cities like Mumbai, in a way that you would never tolerate for illegal
Bengali immigrants in the same places. And then you selectively invoke your
so-called morality, only for those groups you show preference for. It's a
joke, man -- a joke.

When things like the Bombay Bombings occur, then you quickly brush these
under the rug. Hey, your credibility is in shreds -- nobody is going to buy
into that kind of selective morality, except of course those whom you
selectively choose to be the beneficiaries of it.

The funny thing about the Left is -- they're always volunteering someone
else's sacrifice or patience. Leftists are the first to give up the shirt
off someone else's back -- never their own.

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