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Re: apology needed from Mr Vajpayee for betraying his Oath of Office

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Kartik Ramachandran <ramachan@grinnell.edu> wrote:
> Why is there such a convoluted debate about the Ayodhya issue on IPI?
> It seems reasonably clear what Ayodhya was about: Hindu fundamentalism,
> needing to take its view of history to a tangible and visible level,
> destroyed
> the mosque. To them, this was an act of 'correcting history'.

I think that the Temple issue was a focal point for all the injustices of
the so-called "secularism" that the Left pretend to champion, when they
actually don't practice secularism of any kind at all.

> The question then is about the feasibility of a principle of 'correcting
> history'.

And Leftist ideology doesn't talk about "correcting history"? I think we all
know the accurate answer to that.

> Secondly, in a diverse society, majority sentiment cannot be given
> rights. This seems fairly straightforward as well: a numerical majority
> should
> not find the answer to an intellectual/philosophical question, especially
> when
> the issue is about majorities and minorities.
> Finally, i don't quite see why secularism is equated with the negation of
> spirituality. As far as i know, spirituality has always meant acceptance
of a
> plurality of faiths - the same as pluralism.
> KR

What a joke! That's because the hideously contorted ideology advocated by
the Orwellian Animal Farm brigade in India, bears no resemblance to
secularism as it has been practiced successfully in the rest of the world.
It's amazing how Lefti-wing opportunists are able to hijack the word
secularism, and then turn it into something else entirely, as part of their
naked lust for power.

Secularism has nothing to do with spending taxpayers' money on paying for
Haj flights, when no other religious group gets this. It has nothing to do
with granting job quotas to people on the basis of ethnicity.
Or allowing a certain number of people to pass their exams even if they
don't deserve to, simply on the grounds that we need a more members of
certain ethnic groups to be passing their exams. How pathetic! Hey, if you
want to pass your exams, earn it!

Again, the Left try and hijack secularism to advance a whole load of garbage
that has nothing to do with secularism, and then they disingenuously ask
"where do people get these strange and negative impressions of secularism

Hey, people get these impressions right from the mouths of the Left who
propagate them.

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