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definition of secularism

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I think secularism is pretty well defined as far as the government is 
concerned. There is no state religion and the state treats all its 
subjects irrespective of their religion. Secularism does not negate 
the role of spirituality. It merely states that the government won't 
treat you any differently if you are a bhakt or a blasphemer. People 
always have the option of being "communal" within their own homes, 
but the government as such should not be. As i was saying, this is 
not negation of spirituality, it is a neutral disregard of 
spirituality. there are as many belief systems as there are people 
and for a diverse country, secularism is not just o.k, it is 


>Dear Krishnan,
>You have not answered my question asking you to define secularism 
>communalism.  The problem that I have with secularism is that it 
>(rather than affirming) the role of spirituality as the center of 
>Recently, a new concept, called "Pluralism" has started gaining 
>in Academic circles in America.  This idea not only permits the 
>coexistence of diverse spiritual belief systems but it also affirms 
>central role or spirituality in man's existence.
>I don't think that the concept of Secularism should be implemented 
in India, 
>because unlike other countries that have implemented this idea, 
>spiritual belief systems are not based on the concept of exclusivity.

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