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Re: Dismantle IAS, IPS, etc..

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
One thing that is commonly expressed by all investors in India is the 
stubborn bureaucracy that pervades all sections of the society. What is 
needed is that we need to break the backbone of this arrogant monster that 
is partly to blame for the ills afflicting India.

>From Banks to Buses, from post office to telephone department, almost all 
structures of the government are filled with millions of this blood sucking, 
numbskull, babus that have made the life of a common man a living hell.

Even for doing the job they are supposed to do, they need bribe, how 
indecent and immoral can a human being be,  can be best exemplified by the 
customs, police, and the babus that occupy govt. jobs.

We need to break this monster, a corrupt politician can be overthrown by 
elections, but  not this monster leech that virtually runs a parallel 
government constantly and can never be thrown out.

Let us kill this monster first for that is the first step towards salvation 
of India.

Towards this end, I suggest the following.

1) Destroy the breeding ground for this monster, ie the IAS, IPS etc..
   By destroying this institutionalized bureaucracy, we can split this
   monster to million different pieces to deal with them much
2) Create citizen "no bribe zones", where citizens proclaim that no
   bribe will be given for any service whether for a telephone walla or
   a machar.

Comments ?. or IPI members will respond only if I talk about their favorite 

This monster bureaucracy has no morality and is a actually a weak dog 
pretending to be a invincible monster, we can easily destroy this monster. 
All we need is common citizens rising their voice, this monster will get 
destroyed in no time.

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