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Re: Ayodhya issue

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>I have seen examples of crude mosques that were obviously
>once temples, as in Varansi where it is right next to the 
>golden temple and you can still see parts of the original 
>structure. I felt and still feel the resentment quite strongly.

If temples were broken it was the will of the majority people
at that point of time. It is *sad truth* that majority people of
India didn't have the *right to enter these temples*, at that 
time due to caste system *perpetrated* by the very same people
who want to re-build the temple now!. It is the events that 
followed, Mughal and British rule of India that led to the 
liberation of majority people of India from the *dark ages* of 
social caste system (when social caste system was abolished it 
was re-introduced in the education system, we have to liberate 
*majority* people of India from  educational caste system then 
only we will see this nation prosper)

What does the RSS, VHP and the likes have to say, *why* majority
people of India didn't have the *right to enter* the broken 
temples at the point of time they were broken? If so how can RSS, 
VHP or anyone say that the temples were broken  against the will 
of the majority people of India? 

My view is that the decision to re-build the temple should 
be taken only 25 years after the educational caste system
is removed by making the *language* of instruction at the
schools and university the same.  Then let the majority 
people decide. Any hasty action can only lead to division 
of India.


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