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Re: Human Rights Watch Supports Taliban

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Sundeep Nayak wrote:
> I think we are misplaced in our comments about HRW. We should not expect
> international HR NGO to act like one supported by Govt. of India. HR Watch
> is not a self-proclaimed HR group, it is also another NGO like the ones we
> support in IPI.
> I am not a member of HRW nor an Advocate of Taliban. I think
> in Afghan matters very few groups and countries are clean. Their interests
> and support for different militia (Taliban is essentially that) has
> with time, so also commitment to gender justice, drugs traficking, arms
> supply and above all JEHAD.
> I feel HR Watch Reports are quite balanced in their reporting particularly
> about Kashmir and Taliban. India's tacit support for the Northern Alliance
> does not mean support of HR abuse by the Alliance nor denial of medicines
> and other critical HR aid to people in the areas ruled by Taliban.
> We should separate our perception from issues and actors.

On the contrary -- I see that it is you who are biased. Mr Nayak commits the
sin of moral equivalency, by assuming that those who are fighting the
Taliban must necessarily be as bad as the Taliban. Please, spare us your
superficial rush-to-judgement, and look objectively at the facts. The
Taliban are the ones motivated by hideously fanatical ideology, while those
resisting them are not of that school of thought.

Please look at the following video streamed documentary, on Ahmad Shad


I found the documentary to be quite objective, and suggest that you view it
yourself, instead of making incredibly ignorant and uninformed statements
about the resistance against the Taliban. By presumptuously trying to equate
those are fighting fanaticism with the fanatics themselves, Mr Nayak does
extreme disservice to the cause of secularism. Oh, I forgot -- when it comes
to Islamic fundamentalism, Indian leftists consider it to be well within
their contrived definition of "secularism".

Where do you see any sanctions including ban on medicines to Afghans? The
sanctions are an arms embargo on the Taliban. How would this result in
hardship or misery to Afghans? It is precisely this type of distortion and
propaganda so often resorted to by the left, that invariably makes them an
ally of Islamic fundamentalists. Please get your facts straight, and not
straight from the Pakistani embassy.

Pakistan is engaged in a blatant invasion of its Afghan neighbor to the
north, and has even despatched its troops for direct combat inside the
country. Your allegation of Indian support to the Northern Alliance is
laughable, as India does not even have a border with Afghanistan. Where
would India provide support -- via Pakistan railway? Please don't jest.
Obviously, there is no neighbor or regional country that is as heavily
entrenched in Afghanistan as Pakistan is.

Let us condemn the Taliban's fanaticism for what it is. Let us not try and
gloss over the crimes of the Taliban and their Pakistani military backbone,
and let us not arbitrarily condemn those resisting their unjustice, simply
to avoid antagonizing them . It is this type of selective morality that has
more than given secularism a bad name amongst Indians.

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> >Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
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> >I was truly appalled to read that the self-proclaimed human rights group,
> >Human Rights Watch, is against an arms embargo on the fanatical and
> >oppressive Taliban movement. The Taliban are a fanatical terrorist
> >organization, responsible for much terror in the region, including on
> >Indian
> >soil. Furthermore, they are extremely brutal in their policies towards
> >women, and administer floggings to them for such things as wearing white
> >socks, or showing their faces in public.
> >
> >Very disgusting to see Human Rights Watch supporting such an oppressive
> >outfit. As Indians who value secularism and democracy, we should protest
> >such hideous bias.
> >
> >
> >----------
> >BBC
> >
> >Friday, 15 December, 2000, 19:14 GMT
> >Afghanistan weapon ban should be total
> >
> >An international human rights group has urged the United Nations not to
> >impose a unilateral arms embargo on the Taliban movement which controls
> >most
> >of Aghanistan.
> >
> >The group, Human Rights Watch, said any embargo should include all armed
> >groups fighting in the country's long and bitter civil war, saying all
> >sides
> >were guilty of abuses against civilians.
> >
> >The United Nations Security Council is currently considering a resolution
> >drafted which recommends tough sanctions on the Taliban movement. Both
> >countries accuse the Taliban of sponsoring what they called international
> >terrorism and of harbouring Osama Bin Laden who the United States accuses
> >of
> >masteerminding bomb attacks on two of its embassies.
> >
> >Human Rights Watch also called on the UN to lift sanctions on the Afghan
> >national airline, which it said was hampering the delivery of medicine
> >across the country.
> >
> > >From the newsroom of the BBC World Service
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