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Re: Sam and Others

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Sam and others: I am not a liberal or a communist or the other terms you 
have discribed about me.

Just so that you read me right, I am a NRI too. But sitting from a far away 
place you can't understand the real will of the people, even if your 
relatives are still living in India.

I question some NRI's judgement in dealing with the welfare of common 
man/women  in India. Just because you proclaim your love for India, doesn't 
mean that you are always doing a right thing.

What will really be gained by building a temple?. So you have reversed the 
thousand years of "wrong" ?. After that what?. Why should we care if a few  
thoudsand get killed, people in India get divide more on communal lines and 
the avareage man can not make a living because of the communal riots and 
bandhs caused by it.

Why do we have to care? we are living in US with no riots and can still say 
that people in India have become very communal and avoid talking about the 
riots with our American friends.

You assumption that any person who does question BJP's religious idealogy 
has to be a lefty is totally wrong. I support the economic policies of the 
BJP not their communal or their hindutva agenda. That is contradictory to 
all forms of hinduism whether you practise it or I practise it.

So you are saying that slavery is right because majority believe in it?. 
Tell that to the African American you see on the street.

Congress or other are not saints when it comes to fostering communal divide, 
but counter-acting one evil with a greater evil is wrong.

When Jews were subjucated in a Nazi germany many participated in it and 
supported in it. Does that make it right?.

I repeat the will of the people is for clean water, land and a decent job. 
As far the temple is concened, let the courts decide, but getting jingoistic 
over any religion will bring more harm than good.

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