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Re: apology needed from Mr Vajpayee for betraying his Oath of Office

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Mr. Krishnan,
>It is the height of audacity for you to claim that NRIs somehow do not
>represent the 'grass roots' of India.  All NRIs have parents, sisters,

Fine!, Do you still want your relatives to live in a sharply divided 
society, filled with religious fanatics while your relatives become hapless 
victims of economic, and social problems?. May be you think that buliding 
that temple will solve Indian people's situation.

"You claim that 'the people' want cleanliness, sanitation etc.  Are these 
the same people who indiscriminately throw household garbage out on the 
streets? are these the same people who think it their god given right to 
relieve themselves in public?"

FYI Mr.Sam several millions in India don't have a toilet in the house, where 
else will they go?. It not a god given right, but a natural necessity, Build 
them clean toilets, bulid a school that educates common people about 
sanitation. Don't assume that Indian people want to live in dirty 

I also sure you can find it in your heart to believe that given the right 
conditions and proper education, people in India can and will maintain a 
clean society.

Attack the problem not the symptom, Poverty is the disease,attack it.

>The essence of Hinduism is that it means different things to every Hindu.
>Please do not attempt to impose your definition of Hinduism on me and other

I wouldn't  even try too. But there has been no such thing as militant 
hinduism, sad that these organistions are stamping that honor.

>If the majority in ANY country decides to do anything, who will stop it?  
>by what universal standard will you judge whether this something is 'right' 
>or not?  You give the example of slavery - it has been considered 'right' 
>in many societies thru history and is still practiced in various parts of 
>the world even today.

Sam: What an great argument, Holocast of Jews, Slavery is all right accoding 
to you.  There is no universal standard for right or wrong, but slavery of 
Humans is/was always wrong. Killing people for belonging to a particular 
religion is/was always wrong.

Hope you don't teach your views to your childern.

> >The problems in India can't be solved by buliding a temple or by 
> >replacing every mosque with a temple, nor by treating people of other 
> >religion with suspecion and hatred.
>Why is it that Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, atheists and myriad other
>faith groups have been able to live and flourish in India for millenia?
>Because these are not virulently exclusivistic idealogies which cannibalize 
>its own host to ensure its survival.

Hinduism can't be destroyed by Islam or by Cristianity if that is what you 
meant, The organistion that you support are preaching exclusivisity and that 
is wrong. We CAN act civilised and take civilised steps to deal with 
religious problems. Resorting to short cut meathods like BJP/RSS/ and other 
will only lead to greater division of India, and I am sure you don't want 

Yes there are problem of intolerance in religions like Islam and 
Christianity, but how do you solve it by you also being intolerant? we need 
social education , greater understanding, to deal with such problems.

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