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Human Rights Watch Supports Taliban

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I was truly appalled to read that the self-proclaimed human rights group,
Human Rights Watch, is against an arms embargo on the fanatical and
oppressive Taliban movement. The Taliban are a fanatical terrorist
organization, responsible for much terror in the region, including on Indian
soil. Furthermore, they are extremely brutal in their policies towards
women, and administer floggings to them for such things as wearing white
socks, or showing their faces in public.

Very disgusting to see Human Rights Watch supporting such an oppressive
outfit. As Indians who value secularism and democracy, we should protest
such hideous bias.


Friday, 15 December, 2000, 19:14 GMT
Afghanistan weapon ban should be total

An international human rights group has urged the United Nations not to
impose a unilateral arms embargo on the Taliban movement which controls most
of Aghanistan.

The group, Human Rights Watch, said any embargo should include all armed
groups fighting in the country's long and bitter civil war, saying all sides
were guilty of abuses against civilians.

The United Nations Security Council is currently considering a resolution
drafted which recommends tough sanctions on the Taliban movement. Both
countries accuse the Taliban of sponsoring what they called international
terrorism and of harbouring Osama Bin Laden who the United States accuses of
masteerminding bomb attacks on two of its embassies.

Human Rights Watch also called on the UN to lift sanctions on the Afghan
national airline, which it said was hampering the delivery of medicine
across the country.

>From the newsroom of the BBC World Service

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