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Re: apology needed from Mr Vajpayee for betraying his Oath of Office

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Krishnan Kandasamy <nkandasamy@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Mr.Sam: Mr.Vaypajee's statement is not the will of the people. The wish of
> the people is for clean water, food, and decent work. Since none of these
> can be provided by our corrupt self-serving netas they are trying to
> to the communal sentiments of certain sections of the society.

What? How do you presume to know the will of the people? I notice that the
BJP/VHP/etc are able to produce far larger rallies than the Congress(I)
elites. Your statement reminds me of the Pakistani military dictator, who
keeps doing anything he pleases without any tangible electoral mandate --
all while claiming to know the "will of the people".

I think the reality is that the people wouldn't vote Vajpayee out of power
due to his temple statements.

I am not religious, and don't believe in any deity. But I don't see how
building a temple would somehow nullify attempts a job-creation and
infrastructure creation.

Let's contrast this with the Left, whose policies of stagnation, cronyism
and graft, have left the country bereft of infrastructure for decades. The
Congress has been in power for decades, and they have not built up
infrastructure. The Communists in West Bengal have presided over complete
stagnation of the state.

While building a temple won't take away from poverty-alleviation efforts, I
notice that the Leftist parties whose record and ideology are weakest on
poverty-alleviation and development, frequently raise the temple issue as a
fake canard, in the hopes of somehow compensating for their inability to
achieve in these areas.

> You and other NRI's have supported such organisations like BJP, VHP and
> others, It is a shame that while NRI's have abandoned the coutry yet have
> not stopped harming her. Such organisations are a shame to Hinduism and if
> left unchecked will divide India.

The reality is that the constant caste-baiting and communal-baiting of the
Left are what divide India. You Leftists can't be constantly engaging in
that kind of baiting, and then claim to be doing anything but dividing.

> What India needs is peace and developement and where all sections of the
> society can live in peace, dignity and harmony.

Congress and the Left have had more than enough time in power to accomplish
these things, and yet we can see that their ideology leads towards anything
but that.

> Please for heaven sake don't try to cause communal divide in India by your
> antics.
> NRI'S are not grass roots people Mr.Sam!!!

Of course NRI's are in touch with the needs of the people. Except of course
for the party-going liberals, who try to support the Left.  "Let's hold
fashion shows, to help development! Fashion shows are the cure for all
The bourgeois Left, who live in utopian fantasies.

> Might is not always right. If the majority feels like it right to practice
> slavery is it right?.
> Advani and others who preach swadeshi and all that crap have familes
> including sons and daughters in U.S how swadeshi is that?

What a laugh. Any hard-working NRI who fled as an economic refugee from the
economic strangulation of the Indian Left is chastised, but meantime the VP
Singhs are seeking medical operations in the West, because they don't trust
the Indian doctors whom they helped pass their exams on the basis of ethnic
quotas instead of skill.

> By supproting such communal organisations NRI's have done a grave damage
> the secular fabric of India. Now is the time to keep your dollarised hand
> off of India.

Clearly, the Leftist warlords feel upset when their little lilypads are
threatened by the reasoned approach of hard-working people. The same
Leftists love to beg for NRI investment and attention, but when their
political satraps are threatened, then they suddenly speak darkly of the
"dollarized NRIs".

> The problems in India can't be solved by buliding a temple or by replacing
> every mosque with a temple, nor by treating people of other religion with
> suspecion and hatred.

Wow, so does that mean that you're willing to renounce your decades of

> Shame on people who support organisations that have killed innocents.
> Please send your money to educate and help the poor in India, not send
> communal organisations that make the life of an avarage India worse that
> Hell.
> Sincere request!

Unfortunately, it's the Leftist organizations which have done this. NRI's
have earned their money the hard way, through skill. Unlike the Leftist
lords who hand down power from father to son.

But please do continue to entertain us with your laughable suggestions.

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