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Re: apology needed from Mr Vajpayee for betraying his Oath of Office

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Mr.Sam: Mr.Vaypajee's statement is not the will of the people. The wish of 
the people is for clean water, food, and decent work. Since none of these 
can be provided by our corrupt self-serving netas they are trying to appeal 
to the communal sentiments of certain sections of the society.

You and other NRI's have supported such organisations like BJP, VHP and 
others, It is a shame that while NRI's have abandoned the coutry yet have 
not stopped harming her. Such organisations are a shame to Hinduism and if 
left unchecked will divide India.

What India needs is peace and developement and where all sections of the 
society can live in peace, dignity and harmony.

Please for heaven sake don't try to cause communal divide in India by your 

NRI'S are not grass roots people Mr.Sam!!!

Might is not always right. If the majority feels like it right to practice 
slavery is it right?.

Advani and others who preach swadeshi and all that crap have familes 
including sons and daughters in U.S how swadeshi is that?

By supproting such communal organisations NRI's have done a grave damage to 
the secular fabric of India. Now is the time to keep your dollarised hand 
off of India.

The problems in India can't be solved by buliding a temple or by replacing 
every mosque with a temple, nor by treating people of other religion with 
suspecion and hatred.

Shame on people who support organisations that have killed innocents.

Please send your money to educate and help the poor in India, not send money 
communal organisations that make the life of an avarage India worse that 

Sincere request!

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