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Re: apology needed from Mr Vajpayee for betraying his Oath of Office

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
May I request Prof. Guptara to clarify on what grounds is he asking for
from Prime Minister in detail, which part of the Oath has he violated ? and 
what action of his has violated the Constitution ?



>All Indian organisations and individuals should support the following 
>for an intervention by the President, and for an apology from Mr Vajpayee,
>should urge evryone to stop dealing with Mr Vajpayee as long as he does not
>issue such an apology.
>Whether he can and will dismiss the ministers is entirely a political 
>if there is enough support for the move within and outside India, he will
>to do so, but that, I repeat, is a political matter.
>The apology relates to a matter which has resulted in his betraying the
>Constitution of India which he swore to uphold when he took the office of
>Minister.  Like every other citizen he can follow due process of law in
>to change the Constitution, but if he violates the Constitution or any 
>law, he should suffer the penalty for it.
>Given Indian realities, it is extremely unlikely that he will be impeached
>he should be) but he should be forced at least to offer an apology.
>prabhu guptara
>The All India Babri Masjid Re-building Committee (AIBMRC) demanded a public
>apology from the Prime Minister, Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee, for his
>statement on Ram temple and dismissal of charge-sheeted Union Ministers, L
>K Advani, Mr. Murli Manohar Joshi and Ms. Uma Bharti, in the Babri Masjid
>demolition case. Seeking the President, Mr. K R Narayanan's intervention in
>the matter, the AIBMRC in a letter requested him to refer all the disputes
>of Babri Masjid - Ram Janmabhoomi to the Supreme Court under Article 138-B
>of the Constitution for a final, time bound and binding decision. (HINDU,
>14 Dec.)

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