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Re:A question of commitment and strategy

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I am aghast to see the message in which Dr Sanjeev explained how he was
'forced' to bribe. Surely, heavens would not have fallen if he has
screamed. After all, what has he got to lose? He should have screamed at
the highest pitch of his voice, made a phone call to CVC, sent a fax
message to Chairman, Customs Board or whoever is the top boss and lodged
a written complaint. May be, that would have slightly delayed movement
of his baggage. I am sure, he could have easily put up with it. I am not
surprised that the society is corrupt, as it is known to most members of
I am surprised and pained that Dr Sanjeev has allowed himself to be
played around, even if it is in the name of 'commissions'.
I think the incident highlights the general malady. Not only of
corruption. But how the intellectuals become mute spectators or end up
conniving or abetting the offences. I would only urge that Dr Sanjeev
need not write again about reducing corruption, because, not to think of
a solution, as we have all been thinking all along, he is part of the
problem! By his connivance, or by his inability to put up a brave fight
on a small personal matter, he has added to corruption. In a larger
sense, this indicates symptomatically what is wrong with our
intelligentia. They write kilobytes and megabytes against corruption,
but when it comes to taking a clear stand, a clear and unambiguous
stand, they can't bear with a little bit of personal inconvenience. They
are essentially arm chair warriors. They do not want to go to the
ground, as it might dirty their neat dress. But they can teach you how
to wage a war!

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