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Re: Can there be anything more stupid than this?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

 ...order to compel our army in counter operations to 'Know the Enemy'
 and therefore 'Defeat the Enemy.'"

TRUST. In the Chinese's gullibility to be led up the path (by the US, or
India or whoever is the host). Or, trust in the US' gullibility to believe
that the Chinese will walk the whole path and adopt it. It's a game sir.
(of course it will be compromised, either for the better or worse, if
there are people in both camps who share the same thoughts). Even India
should play one (or many?).

Trust in the absence of shared understanding is absurd. Both the host and
the guest could be playing the game and the other might never know it.
Why, the other WILL NEVER know it unless there are some sensible folks at
the helm playing deeper games.

'Know the Enemy' by playing games ?! Games can only give 50% knowledge.
50% is as good as 0%. 



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