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Can there be anything more stupid than this?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

This is from another list.

Ram Narayanan

GOI has no monopoly on bad judgment... look at what the US government  =
is doing...
selling the rope to a country that someday wants to hang us...

Earlier this year, Chinese flag officers attended seminars where =
officers discussed high-level US military strategy.


U.S. Trains China for War ... With U.S.=20
  Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2000=20
Chinese troops are being trained for war with the United States, using =
methods freely handed over to them by the U.S. Army.=20

According to an official Chinese military publication, the U.S. Army =
invited representatives of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to visit =
an Army base and observe the mock war exercises in which our troops, =
tabbed the "Blue Army," fight "enemy" troops using the most up-to-date =
tactics and strategy.=20

China's military digest, the Beijing Junshi Wenzhai, said the Chinese =
went home loaded with valuable information about how the U.S. would =
engage the PLA in the event of a war.=20

The digest reported that Chinese military officials visited the U.S. =
Owensburg National Training Center in August 1985 and observed "the =
sharp exchanges between the troops and a simulated opposition force. ... =

"After the Chinese group of representatives returned home to China, they =
made a special report to the Central Military Commission," the digest =
added. "In March of the next year, based on authorization from the CMC, =
the Nanjing Military Region [in southern China, responsible for the =
Taiwan Strait] formally organized a combined tactics training center. At =
this point, China then had its first 'Blue Army' base."=20

At a secret base in China's eastern Anhui province, "Training is held =
strictly in accordance with the commands and orders used in foreign =
armies and their training formats, with even the mess hall using knives =
and forks [similar to those in the U.S.]. ... The current base =
commander, General Xiao Deqiao, intimately knows that modern warfare is =
warfare of information and mechanization. The base has been able to bear =
the tasks of scientific research and experimentation, specialized =
project consolidated training and combined tactics theory research.=20

"At the 'Blue Army' base all the troops [live by the code] "Here we face =
the battlefield of the future." They use specialized methods to =
[sharpen] each group of incoming Red Army troops into [well-honed] =
blades, whose brilliance will shine in all directions."=20

The digest reports, "In today's Chinese Army, there is a 'Blue Army' =
base specializing in simulating the war tactics of foreign militaries in =
order to compel our army in counter operations to 'Know the Enemy' and =
therefore 'Defeat the Enemy.'"=20

The publication leaves no doubt that the "enemy" is the United States, =
which generously taught China how to train its troops to fight us in a =
future war.=20

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