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Rejoining the list + admn

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dear folks,

After nearly 3-4 months I am rejoining IPI. I am now in Australia, a 
country where there is no internet or other problem. I apologize for not 
being able to participate for many months in this activity which was 
started by me nearly 3 years ago and thank the moderators who have carried 
on with their tasks from across the world.

Admn. tasks:
Due to not having access and time to go to the internet from Shillong I had 
about 700 msgs relating to admn. tasks when I saw the administrative 
mailbox of IPI today in Melbourne. Many new folks will be joining IPI as I 
write this, as per their request, while some have left. Please let me know 
of any administrative issue with IPI and I'll try to look into it.

For later:

Will try to write much more, later, including about

(a) a possible merger of IPI with CCS (centre for civil society), and

(b) now that I am for all practical purposes unlikely to revert to my job 
in the IAS in India to work with an obnoxious, corrupt and decadent 
political-bureaucratic system, why I believe we must work together more 
openly and with GREAT FORCE, to form the political party on the free market 
side, for the formation of which IPI was started. I believe IPI has built 
bridges across various very important  persons in India and we must now 
brainstorm the formation of a much-needed political forum to reform India 
and to take it to its innately powerful and wealthy status.

(c) Given time and strength in my hands I will also speak about the 
discipline and strength of a minor island called Hong Kong which I visited 
for 3 days on way to Melbourne. We need not only economic reform but reform 
of the polity, and even of the society.

Thanks for tuning in. Let us work together with a clear purpose and goal, now.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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