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Re: Language issue

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

> >If you have a choice of Vernacular medium school (mother tongue)
> >or English medium school which will you choose for your children?
> Good question.I would still send my children to the same school where I
> studied in Telugu medium till 10th standard if I were to live in that
> It was a Christian missionary school,With all facilities which were
> in most modern science COLLEGES !, the science experiments learnt there
> repeated even in so called engineering colleges ! With teachers seen
> lot of 'commitment'  towards their job. Some of legendary teachers of the
> district !
> When it comes to english, there was a 'Brother'(Teacher) who encouraged
> group discussions in 'english' and guided us for fluency .
> If I don't find any such school around which is of that kind, I will send
> ofcourse to normal english medium school, regretting same .
> I know there are no such schools to count many on as a matter of fact.
> Reason we have all around convent schools is the 'Obsession' every body
> with English. Their misplaced notion that one who speaks english has
> knowledge or higher marketability. No where Medium of instruction was a
> hindrance for us or we felt that drawback when we came face to face with
> candidates from Public Schools ! Not all public school students pass
> entrans tests in first attempt. Calibre, Knowledge need not be linked to a
> 'Medium' of instruction called English. English shall just be a tool to
> in touch with the world. Hindi is another tool for south Indians, who are
> willing, to get in touch with rest of India.

I appreciate your candid response, you are definitly fortunate to
study in a good school, have you ever thought what would have
happened if you studied in a govt. run vernacular school, like
1000's of brilliant children in our villages? We need the talent
of those 1000's of children for our prosperity.

> High standrads of school come from Funds, High standard teachers,
> teachers, proper payments of their Salaries,availability of infrastucture
> like rooms, benches, blackboards, availability of books in market etc..

This is my experience.....

My education started in the govt. vernacular primary school
i  studied here till 4th std, by the time i was to enroll in
the 5th std, the english medium classes in the village high
school was already discontinued (Our village high school had
both english medium and vernacualr medium class *ideal situation*
in the 60's which was discontiued by state education dept in 1971)
but my father had the foresight to enroll me in a small private
english school in the nearby town about 6 km from the village,
this school had just about 20 students per class and the fee
collected from the students was not enough to run the school,
when i reached 7th std there was some talk of the school closing
down, so i was moved to another english medium school
in a larger town 21 km from our village. This was a well run
school and the teaching standards were also pretty good, i
completed 10th std with 72% marks and enrolled for Pre Degree
(PUC) at the college in the small town 6 km from our village.
The teaching standard and facilities in this college were
excellent. In the class of 60 students there were about 4-5
students who came from english medium schools rest of the
students came from vernacular schools. About 15 or so students
who came from vernacular school had in the range of 70-75
percentage marks in their 10th std.

When the Pre Degree results came about 55% of the students failed
rest of them managed pass marks, just 2 of us had first class,
(60% or more marks) i got 82% marks and another guy 84% marks,
this other guy last i heard of him was doing his Phd. No prize
for guessing both of us who got good marks came from english
medium schools. None of the students who came with high marks
from vernacular medium schools could get good marks and enroll
for professional courses...


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