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Re: Language issue

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

> I am curious to know how prosperity is linked to Universal English medium
> instruction that kills all diversity of Indian languages.
> Then what can be attributed to prosperity of European countries who do not
> care a bit of english ? The language which is nearly non existant there,
> where every sign board, every communication, every computer is there in
> their own languages. How Japan has its own software written in Japanese ?

In European countries the language of instruction at *school*
level is respective European languages, the language of
instruction in their *universities* is also the same, the
language they use for administration is also same, the
language they use for business communication is also same.

In Japan also the situation is similar, they use Japanese as the
language of instruction in their *schools* and *universities*, for
administration and business communication.

Here is the reality in India.

* In Majority Govt run schools of our villages the language
 of instruction is vernacular languages. (This were the
 children of people you call *masses* study)

 Private vernacular medium schools the quality of teaching is
 much better this is where children of lower end of the middle
 class study.

 In Select Govt run schools where mostly children of govt and
 public sector employees study the language of instruction is
 english and quality of teaching is good.

 In the private schools where the children of elites including
 the children of IAS, IPS officers children of our MLA's, MP's
 etc study, language of instruction is english.

 Isn't this exactly same as the social caste system, that is why
 i call this caste system in education. We have seen what the
 caste system which denied right to aquire knowledge to majority
 people, did to india in past 3000 years, we are still continuing
 it in our education system....

 You will not see this type of differentiation in education
 system in any of the developed countries, that is why we need
 to have the same language of instruction at the school and
 university level if we want to prosper as a nation. Yes it would
 be ideal if we can impart the university education in local
 vernacular languages, but that is not *paractical* since use
 of english language in administration is the glue holding
 together India as a nation, can anyone deny this realiy!

* In all our universities the language of instruction is english.

* English is the language of Business communication in India.

* English is the language of Administration and Inter State
communication in India.

* Language of judiciary is also predominantly English.

Excuses like we don't have enough teachers is also not
valid since the language of instruction of Teacher Training
programs is English!

> There are many IAS , IPS officers who successfully defeated rest of
> 'english/convent educated candidates', themselves being educated in local
> Languages till 12th grade or more. How is it then true that english
> education every where helps equal competition ?

You can ask the very same IAS, IPS officers which school, vernacular
or english medium they will choose for their own children.

> Being able to speak better english depends on learning that subject itself
> and reading habbits.
> And there are many Convent educated who speak buttler english. How these
> things, competitiveness, caste, english proficiency are interrelated?
> Parameswar

Please read the reality in India para above.


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