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Re: Language issue

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I am not going to be theoritical to say that let the childern/parents 
decided on what language to study. It is clear that poor families will send 
their childern to public schools(invariably, language of instruction will be 
local language), and rich families will send their childern to English 
medium schools.

Does that help that poor child, who in the first place having been born poor 
to better equip himself/herself for the future?.

No!, further I think that Language is more that just art, language is a way 
of communication and knowledge.

Do we have the resources to develop science in 24 odd languages and growing 
every day?. It is a sheer waste and almost impossible. If Japan has 
developed not using English as a medium of instruction because, they have 
only one language: Japanese. How about us?.

Europeans are realising that they have to learn English to survive. Let us 
not blunt our childerns future by insisting on local language.

Until the economy is developed to such an extent that, a candiate is not 
disqualified for not knowing English, science develops in local languages, I 
find no reason to insist on Local language for medium of instruction.

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