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..noise pollution has to end

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Members may recall my mail written long time back lamenting at noise
pollution in India.
Here is the beauty. Vah what a Judiciary we have. Laurels to those
of Justice system in India
who are proving as yet another ray of Hope for dying principles in
This is what people like me dreamt of or  to accommodate..(rather
one section's sentiments,
I was suggesting to allow 'any' noise with not greater than few mts at a

time in any three hour peiod.. so that
Namaz can be still accommodated but Neausence from Ganesh pandals,
etc in the form of noise pollution,
Disturbing every middle class student, disturbing even if one is a
Hindu...can be eliminated.
I am proud of such a Judiciary that is in India now which has the guts
put on hold tada detenus for veerappan's fancy
Or one with crystal clear judgement of mind to say any thing about

No community has right to use microphones for prayer: SC
In a significant judgement, the Supreme Court has held that no community
a right to use microphones or loud speakers to amplify their religious
preaching and prayers.
A division bench comprising Justice M B Shah and Justice S N Phukan gave

this ruling while dismissing an appeal by the Church of God (Full
Gospel) in
India challenging a Madras high court order. The order had directed it
keep the use of loud speakers at a low level.
Rejecting the contention that by this order the church's fundamental
under Article 25 was violated, Justice Shah said the fundamental right
preach religion was subject to 'public order, morality and health'.
"No religion prescribes or preaches that prayers are required to be
performed through voice amplifiers or by beating of drums," the bench
Justice Shah said, "Undisputedly, no religion prescribes that prayers
be performed by disturbing the peace of others nor does it preach that
should be done through voice-amplifiers or beating of drums."
"In our view, in a civilised society, in the name of religion,
which disturb old or infirm persons, students or children having their
in the early hours or during day-time or other persons carrying on their

activities cannot be permitted," the bench said.
It should not be forgotten that babies in the neighbourhood are also
entitled to enjoy their natural right of sleeping in a peaceful
the court said.
Giving more instances of the disturbances caused by such use of loud
speakers, the apex court said a student preparing for his examination
entitled to concentrate on his studies without being unnecessarily
by neighbours.
"Similarly, the old and infirm are entitled to enjoy reasonable
during their leisure hours without there being any nuisance of noise
pollution," the court said.
"Aged, sick, people afflicted with psychic disturbances as well as
up to six years of age are considered to be very sensitive to noise.
rights are also required to be honoured," it said.

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