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Re: monopoly of US on Internet Domains

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>Arun Mehta wrote:
> _____________
> http://www.iana.org/gtld/gtld.htm says:
> The GOV Domain is reserved exclusively for the United States Government.

Indian Govt organisations can register .gov.in

Here is a list of domain extenstions for India.

       co.in   --      for commercial organisations
       net.in  --      for network service providers
       gov.in  --      for government organisations
       ac.in   --      for academic community
       res.in  --      for research organisations
       mil.in  --      for military organisations
       org.in  --      for miscellaneous organisations

> The EDU Domain is reserved for educational institutions in the United
> States granting four-year degrees and is registered only through Network
> Solutions.

This is not true .edu domain can be registered by any educational
institution granting four year degrees, there are educational
institutions in India with .edu domain name 
eg: http://www.amrita.edu  of Coimbatore.

Hope this help to clarify the misconception.

It is appreciable that Indian domain registrar is following very
strict norms to eliminate "cyber squatters" out to make quick buck.
This is advantageous to people who want to run real web sites.

Mathew Varghese
Datanumeric Internetworks,
Bangalore, India.
Web : www.datanumeric.com

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