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Re: monopoly of US on Internet Domains

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Padmanabha Rao wrote:

> one ought to be grateful to the americans that they threw open a valuable
> network for global use.

I believe I was merely expressing Mr. Mehta's concern about monopolizing
domain names.  Which no country has the right to do so beyond the 2-letter
suffixes alloted for each country.  You failed to debate on this concern.

I am not, I repeat not, grateful to your masters in the US!!  Americans didn't
"throw open" the network to the world because TCP/IP is inherently "open".

I look at the situation entirely from a different perspective.  That is, the
Internet, as we know it now, is innevitable.  No master had to give the
technology to his Indian servant (as some servants, with Sahib mentality, may
choose to think so) because computers around the world would have found a way
to interconnect regardless of who proposed the interconnection protocol.

Vamsi M.

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