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Re: iiea

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dear fellow economists on IIEA, and friends on IPI,

IIEA has been renewed for one more year by Sumit Agarwal!

Note on Sumit:

> I graduated with a PhD degree in Economics from the
> University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and before that I
> had done a B.S in Computer Science from the same
> University.
> I am well conversent in a few of the programming
> languages and HTML/Java. I am currently working for
> FleetBoston Financial in Providence, RI, USA.
> Sumit Agarwal.

This is an occasion of great personal happiness to me. IIEA, which was
started by me in 1999, coterminous with IPI, was an endangered
organization. It will now live.

Pl. provide all assistance to Sumit to make this association work. Let
effort bloom. Let us have an international association of economists
India/ of Indian origin.

Thanks to Sumit and all those who have helped.

Dr. Sanjeev Sabhlok, IAS
Commissioner and Secretary to the Government of Meghalaya,
Departments of Housing, Arts and Culture, IPR, Sports,  Youth Affairs,
Additional Sectt. Building, #510
Shillong - 793 001
Ph:    (O) 0364-224046
       (R) 0364-222754

Check out www.iiea.org

At 05:58 AM 8/21/00 -0700, Sumit wrote:
>Dr. Sabhlok:
>I did register the website with Network Solutions for
>another year. I will contact my Professor from my
>University and request him if he can support the
>organization and get some funding from some private
>donars for a one year period.
>He is a graduate of the Delhi School of Economics in
>the 1960's and then he came to the US and did a PhD
>from State University of New York Buffalo under Dr.
>Swamy. His name is Dr. Swarnjit Singh Arora. I am
>wondering if you know him by any chance.
>I will also contact some of my other sources and
>hopefully be successful in renewing the website for a
>10 year period.
>I will also edit the main web page and remove the
>notice page about the lack of funds, etc,.

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