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more violations of cultural relativism

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Srinath S wrote:

> By materialism I meant, "solution by the use of materials" -- as in
> incorporation of technology, etc. The ornamentation of places of
worship is
> not materialism -- but spiritualism or organization/governance based
> religion. That the practices involves the copious use of materials
does not
> mean that materials were considered the solution; the solution was
> searched for in spirituality.

I disagree.  Indian culture, when studied under an objective lens, is no

different than most other cultures.  It is important to note that Indian

Culture is probably the most diverse in the World.  However, there is an
to our seemingly vast and chaotic diversity.  This simpler picture was
exaggerated and was made into something very complicated.

Indians posses the basic desire to better their lives through individual

achievements - we were all born as libertarians!  We always had this
The use of "spiritual" component is propelled by lack of information to
find a
particular solution to a perceived problem.

That is, when information is lacking and a solution seems
incomprehensible/inconclusive, then the Indian culture is no different
than any
other in the application of spirituality.  However, I wouldn't be the
one to
make a daring conclusion that Indians, by their very nature, tend to be
"spiritual" or posses some innate tendency toward spirituality!

Indians have been as materialistic as any other culture.  What is
the greatest democracy in the World is our institutional model.  Our
institutions no longer allow us to express our basic instincts in a
manner that
can build families, communities, states, and a great nation!!  Our
are too busy serving themselves while the individual decays.

Vamsi M.

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