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Re: monopoly of US on Internet Domains

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
excuse me, isn's there something called the benefits/advantages of
first-mover. Sometimes, we forget the histories of things and make
assertions such as this. In anycase every country has its exclusive
domain (.in, .ch, .pk, ...) under which we can do/have what we want.
the US is reported to be actively encouraging its institutions to get
under the .us domain.  And, btw, .edu is not reserved only for US
(tiss.edu and ignou.edu are domestic examples). There seems to be little

reason in being bothered with such mundanes, I think. The
Darpanet/internet was never planned for the world; one ought to be
grateful to the americans that they threw open a valuable network for
global use.


 On Sun, 27 Aug 2000, Vamsi Musunuru wrote:

 This is was posted on India-GII by Mr. Mehta.
 http://www.iana.org/gtld/gtld.htm says:

 The GOV Domain is reserved exclusively for the United States

 The EDU Domain is reserved for educational institutions in the United
 States granting four-year degrees and is registered only through
 The MIL Domain is reserved exclusively for the United States Military.

 Shouldn't the rest of the world be protesting this?

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