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Lets get focus

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I have seen many emails floating in the last several days around =
Capitalism, Socialism, Protectionism etc.  It is fun to talk and debate =
about this.  But I doubt if we will ever come to a conclusion if we =
don't start focussing on what we are trying to get out of it.  If we are =
trying to decide which is better, I am not sure if that is going to be =
ever possible when talking in abstract terms and unrelated examples.  I =
think everyone in that discussion was throwing the right concerns and it =
is nice to see that we have people who look at different things in a =
different perspective.  But I think it is time to stop discussing in =
'general' terms with unrelated examples and start focusing on a =
particular sector so we can design a policy for that sector.  Thus =
instead of going from pepsi to Farmers to Uttappams to something else, =
lets just take one single sector and come up with a policy that can =
shape our future in India.

To that effect, lets pick a certain sector (  Power sector or Railways =
or Telecommunications) are all relevant and important in the current =
situation in India.  Just to make sure we don't spend too much debate in =
picking the sector, I propose the Power sector.  However, I am willing =
to change that or we can always have parallel discussions going on for =
the other sector.

Here are some questions to answer to get this discussion going:

1. Do we need to privatize this?  What are the advantages and what are =
the disadvantages etc.  Before you jump in with your already thought out =
stance, just take a step back and answer based on the following:
        a.. If you are against it, you must come up with a solid plan to =
improve the productivity of the employees, increase the efficiency of =
operations, and a system that does not have room for bribery and =
beaurocracy and a system that encourages innovation and punishes lack of =
innovation and lack of performance.
        b.. If you are for it, you must come up with ideas to make sure =
that the private companies will serve everyone not just the cities or =
industries or people who have money, that they have reasonable rates( =
that they don't become monopolies).
In answering this, we may need to look into several facts of how things =
are operating currently and what are the problems that are facing that =
sector.  We need to consider all aspects of the subject such as =
Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Consumer support(Bill pay, tech =
support etc.)

Once we come to a conclusion on this, we will move onto whether we need =
to allow foreign companies to take ownership in the power sector?

Shravan Arra

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