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Re: Two questions to IPI members

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Salary? What salary? In my opinion public representatives should be =
drawn from a pool of people who do NOT want to make a career of public =
representation / politics.=20

They should be people who have achieved a degree of success in their =
respective fields and have the ability ( financial and intellectual), =
the time and the inclination to lend themselves for the purpose of =
Public Representation.=20

Public reps should get only a token honourarium and reimbursement of =
certain expenses. Ministers and office bearers will obviously enjoy the =
perks of office; but withdraw the "powers" and "perks" of our MP's and =
MLA's and let's see how many still want to contest.

The same doesn't apply to Civil servants, of course. They should get =
salaries comparable with those who hold equally responsible positions in =
the private sector BUT they should be held accountable for the jobs they =
do and those guilty of corruption should be severely punished.  Ah! =

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