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Re: subjective choices

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I tend to agree with Mr. Prakash, but would like to add an additional 

At 02:07 PM 8/25/00 -0700, Prakash wrote:

>Lf - can your dog swim across your bathtub ?
>So - It can
>Lf - Can it swim across the atlantic ocean ?
>So - No
>Lf - So, what makes you think socialism can work ?
>So - .......

It is not just a matter of magnitude. How about forcing the dog to swim 
across the ocean? Or how about trying to force the whole society to devote 
its energy to produce a bigger dog that might swim the ocean?

Apart from economics, socialism also fails because it seeks to coerce 
others in to an activity that people would not choose to do on their won. 
The coercion is, of course, unethical. Coercion necessarily distorts the 
market, leading to economic chaos and shortages, and finally to the 
downfall of socialism.

My two paise worth contribution to this discussion.



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