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subjective choices

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

The recent debate which occured here can reach aleast one inference. 
protectionism is out ! But arguments apart, there are a few concrete 
reasons why socialism ( which in its broadest sense , can be said to 
be the system in which free choices which do not impinge on the 
liberty of others, are restricted in any way ) is impossible. 

Its because of our separate existence. Our choices are subjective and 
the best way to decide the price i have to pay to satisfy my wish is 
by having a truly free market for it. the essence of a market is 
dynamic change -  which is what evolution is all about. subsidies, 
protection, regulation - all of this stymie the evolution of society. 
tomorrow, if a new food soyabean or spirulina which have proven 
health benefits start getting cultivated in large numbers, then the 
market for a lot of foods is going to change. A subsidy( to present 
crops) or regulation (of the new crops) is only going to delay this 
evolution. We cannot blind ourselves to the world and wish that this 
change never occurs. It will. 

There was a truly revolutionary statement made by someone in the 
computer field. " the only way to predict the future is to invent it"
this is a profound statement. But have we understood its essence ?

There is another argument put forth by socialists which says - the 
family is such a unit where the economic decisions are made in a 
subjective manner, by the head(s) of the family. So, why can't we 
extend it further ? 
the answer to this is the following conversation
Lf - can your dog swim across your bathtub ?
So - It can
Lf - Can it swim across the atlantic ocean ?
So - No
Lf - So, what makes you think socialism can work ?
So - .......

It is a matter of magnitude ! Bigger has to be freer, not more


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