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RE: Brain Drain

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Interesting to see this...
	>Mr. Pramod Mahajan has expressed concern about the flight of
hundreds of 
	>thousands of IT professionals from India as Germany, Japan and
France have ..

But Can not agree on this
	>....loses out on the creative potential of its educated workforce,
	>countries get cheap labour that not only run their industry but
also pays 
	>huge amount of tax with a minimum amount of political rights and
Our labour is highly paid in usa. It is no cheap labor atleast in IT sector.
Rather better paid than average local...

Secondly, Governors mansion was built when Engineering colleges in entire
country could be counted on fingers.
Those residing back home now, are no inferior to nris,  to build a better
mansion, bridge or machine what ever.
There are many eminent people who 'Chose' not to go abroad for various

	An interesting article here from rediff.. to ponder over..


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