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Re: Not quite, Mr. Prakash!

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

>You should be able to eat cheese uttapam if you choose.  However, if your
>interests of eating cheese should come at the expense of local onion 
>sellers losing their markets and livelihoods then it should not be a 
>left upto you but to be discussed and voted on by the entire populous.

Are you actually telling me that I should eat uttapam's  without cheese even 
if I like to eat it with cheese, just because the local Onion uttapam seller 
is losing out on my business.  Looks like you're getting it backwards.  The 
seller is there to meet my needs, and not the other way around(My purpose in 
life is not to provide business to the local Onion uttapam seller, despite 
the fact that he sells something that I have no desire to eat.).  I don't 
quite see why everyone else in the society needs to have a say in what I 
eat.(as long as I'm paying for what I eat)
Praveen Hombaiah.
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