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Brain Drain

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Mr. Pramod Mahajan has expressed concern about the flight of hundreds of 
thousands of IT professionals from India as Germany, Japan and France have 
now started to woo Indian professionals besides the U.S. According to Mahajan 
the Prime Minister is likely to make an appeal to Silicon Valley 
enterpreneurs to return to India during his coming visit. The governemnt it 
appears may be waking up to the Brain Drain at last. Mahajan goes on to say 
that the government does not propose to restrict emigration given that we are 
a democratic country.

It is one thing for Engineers and Scientists to go abroad to acquire skills 
and education it is quite another matter that 60% of the output of our 
Engineering colleges is headed abroad for good while nobody at home has quite 
figured out how to design a governer's mansion that would not fall on his 
head in the middle of the night. I think the Brain Drain phenomenon that has 
been going on for the last 50 years is a great shame because while the nation 
loses out on the creative potential of its educated workforce, other 
countries get cheap labour that not only run their industry but also pays 
huge amount of tax with a minimum amount of political rights and social 

If Mr. Mahajan and the Prime minister have indeed woken up to this crisis 
(unlike many unthinking Indians who consider Brain Drain a matter of pride), 
the government should take a honest look at the conditions which force our 
people out of our own country to live and work as second class citizens in 
the West. I wonder if our government is at last willing to listen.

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