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Not quite, Mr. Naveen!

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
this is where we strictly differ. everything i do which is different
from the status - quo , always threatens the livelihood of someone
somewhere. what if i decide to make the uttpams at home, instead of
going to the restaurant, what do you think your society would do ?
Send the food-police at my doorstep and say - "Mr Prakash we have a
summons for you at the communal court. It seems you haven't been
eating your quota of uttpams at the communal restaurant. We have a
warrant to search your home for rice batter, cheese and frying pans "

don't laugh at this. It is the logical consequence of your arguments.

think about it
>You should be able to eat cheese uttapam if you choose.  However, if
>interests of eating cheese should come at the expense of local onion
>sellers losing their markets and livelihoods then it should not be a
>left upto you but to be discussed and voted on by the entire

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