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Re: Cultural artifacts

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Again we come to the point of individuals. Nobody can impose a 
culture on any self-respecting human. We identify mores and morals 
according to our own thought and live according to them. 

The law, on the other hand, can restrict cultural evolution. for eg: 
there are many consensual activities which are prohibited all across 
the world.these do not hurt any other person, so why are they 
banned ? The pre-islamic hindu culture was very life-affirming and 
they did not deny the body , as is proved by the kamasutra or the 
temples of khajuraho. but this changed with the invasion of the 
muslims. They imposed their culture on the hindus. the culture was 
indeed assimilated,but the prudery that started then remains till 
date. This was not a culture that spread by choice or advertisement, 
but by conquest. That greatly differed from the present day 
advertisement based culture change. the only aspect is today we have 
a choice, that day we didn't. You think the multinationals try to 
impose their culture on us, you see the ads(in india) and movies of 
today, you'll feel we have become totally and completely indian !!

consider that

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