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RE: Cultural artifacts

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
My only argument is for a rule system by which we can live our lives
the way we want to, if we respect the similar rights of others. My
argument was on the plane of LAW, not philosophy. I do not consider
myself a moral policeman to regulate the lives  of others.

In the india i envisage, every person will be free to choose their own
mode of life, way of life. Culture is an evolving thing. It is not
static. It gets refined every time someone (usually an individual who
rebels against society) challenges the established rules. this is true
even of our own history.

the brahmans were challenged by buddha

buddhism was challenged by sankara.

the entire setup of priests was challenged by the bhakti movement.

So, who were these people , if not rebels ? Why do you consider a
homogeneous indian culture based on "Dharma" ?

Even the most popular of our religious texts, the gita gives 3 or 4
paths to enlightenment.

It is upto us to make a choice of the path we decide to follow. and
this, must not be restricted by the law. 

freedom, thats all i ask for
Liberty to lead my life the way i want to. If this is a western
concept, what did Buddha do ?

with regards

Srinath S <srinaths@usa.net> wrote on Monday August 21, 2000 at 

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