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Re: Cultural artifacts

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Srinath S wrote:

> Come to think of it, we have heard far too little analyses of the Indian
> culture, the social setup, etc. in IPI. We have only been hearing
economics in
> terms of capitalism vs socialism; that too put forth in the American
> perspective. It might not be too wrong to say that money as a measure of
> success, does not motivate a huge number of Indians at all. They live
along a
> completely different set of norms.

First, I seriously question your statement on wealth and motivation in
India.  I
argue, in fact, that Indians have been very efficient and highly
capitalistic in
the past and continue to retain this character despite oppressive Government

One proof of this efficiency is that many invaders were either absorbed or
repelled rather than being over-run as was the case in the Americas.
Postulate/Theorem: a culture that is less efficient at resource
mobilization and
consumption will be eventually replaced by a more efficient "culture" which is
able to leverage an advantage through better resource utilization.
Therefore, I
conclude that Indians have been more efficient and more capitalistic than
invaders and continue to carry this trait.

Secondly, Capitalism and Socialism are "new" concepts in Human history and
with resource allocation, flow, management, etc.  A mature culture such as the
Indian Culture which can broken into various social sciences and studied quiet
thoroughly within the context of local interpretations.

Economics, too, has a perspective on the culture and its
intra-relationships.  I
don't see why we can't study the Indian culture under such a lens to gain a
completely normalized perspective?  What is really important here is
whether there
are enough bold Economists to do this within India or not?  Else, India may
be examined through a far away lens which may shed little or no light at all.

Vamsi M.

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