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Re: A refutation of Naveen's opinion

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I also have a question.  Mechnaized agriculture in the US displaced a large
pool of farm labor, essentially black folk, who have ended up in a life of
urban poverty, forced to live in crime ridden neighbourhoods, and unhealthy
environments in the projects.  Even after one whole generation, these people
are still in bad shape.  I read yesterday that the Karnataka Govt. has
lifted it land ceiling ownership laws.  This will eventually lead to
concentration of land in a few individuals/corporations, and possibly
mechanized agriculture.  Will there be a similar displacement of farm labor?
 Can anything be done to avoid this?  We are debating on the Pepsi
displacing 200000 bikaneri's, what about the changes in farm policies
displacing millions...  There are no easy answers.  Any comments??


--- Naveenkj@aol.com wrote:
> In another passage she adds, "Two million weavers in Andhra Pradesh lost 
> their livelihoods when free export of cotton was allowed, taking cotton 
> beyond the access of weavers.  200,000 producers of Bikaneri Bhujia (a 
> regional snack specialty) are threatened with the entry of PepsiCo in the 
> manufacture and marketing of Bikaneri Bhujia.  New power plants have been 
> established by bypassing the requirements of Environmental Impact
> Assessment. 
>  Deregulation does not imply an end to the state - it is a change in the 
> function of the state.  THe state is now exclusively an instrument of
> global 
> capital."
> For you die-hard capitalists who might argue that Bikaneri Bhujia if not 
> preferred by the market should not survive, need to realize the unfair 
> capital available for PepsiCo to market its product against the local
> sellers 
> who are bound to perish in an unleveled playing field.  You also need to 
> realize the govt. support of corporations against the local business and 
> protectors of self-reliant local economies. If the middle class is to gain
> from introduction of Pepsi Cola, it is the poor that will suffer the 
> consiquences of their livelihoods, their family businesses and only source
> of 
> incomes being destroyed.  
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Ah, Love ! could thou and I with Fate conspire, To grasp this sorry scheme
of Things entire, Would not we shatter it to bits ---- and then, Re-mould
it nearer to the Heart's Desire !

Jab purdah nahi koi khudah seh, to bandhon se purdah kya.

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