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Re: Will India win a medal this Olympics ?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Cprakash@goplay.com writes:

<< I don't understand your Human Life and Democracy , man. America is the
 BIG DADDY OF democracy. 200 yrs as opposed to our 50. 
 Human Life ??? which country rises in righteous indignation when the
 rights of even one single human is a stake ? 
 In contrast, which country has the least of regard for human life ?
 You can anwer these questions honestly and realise we would be a lot
 better if we had even the fraction of respect for human life that
 america has. >>

I assume you live in the states? Your myopic understanding of America and her 
struggles for equal rights is sickening.  "All men are created equal" for 
centuries meant all white men. (Even the constitution was drafted by 55 rich 
white slave owners, who declared for all of AMerica "We the people"). It 
wasn't until the 1920's did the women's movement, a grass root struggle that 
led to suffrage of 'white' women, and for the blacks it wasn't until 1960s 
were equal rights achieved (dejure), led by once again grass root struggles, 
and even today is not fully visualized by defacto.  

Again this concept of human life being held at high esteem is America is 
laughable.  Ask the 40 million African slaves that died in the middle 
passage, and many more that died during 400 years of slavery in the U.S., 
through whom the AMericans build all that they hold esteem.  (Literally 
speaking even their precious white house, capitol buildings and many of their 
historical sites were build by black slaves.)  Ask the 12 million killed in 
WWI, what they fought for? and how about those that were killed in Pearl 
Harbor, even when FDR knew of the Japanese attack and let it happen, and 
improsined unjustly Japanese-AMERICANS as spies? and how about millions more 
that died in WWII, a war that America was never meant to enter, but only did 
to boost the economy through building the Military industrial complex?  WHo 
did these people die for anyways?  It was to establish corporate control!  
For it was colonies and industrialism translanted into expansion of markets 
that led to these global conflicts.  How about the loss of 60,000 American 
lives in Vietnam, for the sole reason of fighting communism, disregarding the 
democratic cries in Vietnam for a declaration of independence from the French 
and later American imperialists?  

Excuse me sir, but with all do respect, you simply do not know of the "true" 
state of "democracy" in America.  You simply do not know of the police state 
that exists to maintain those that rebel against the system.  You simply do 
not know of the two party (Which is inactuallity one party) political system 
that is run by corporate controls.  You simply do not know of the 130 million 
estranged people in America, who have "alienated" themselves from the 
political system, and so called representative "democracy".



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