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Re: A refutation of Naveen's opinion

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In a message dated 8/20/00 12:24:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Cprakash@goplay.com writes:

<< "rising income taxes which made papa's income inadequate to run the
 family, so mama had to leave the home and work and in absence of her
 loving care, the children were brought up by the devil" >>

Yeah, if the American military spending of $300 billion was reduced and given 
back as tax cuts maybe the family wouldn't have to split up to make money to 
make ends meet.  But the constant threat of their military keeps their 
capitalist engine running, which then translates into the reason why mama has 
to work hard and why the child gets brought up by the devil.  If you argue 
that spending on education needs to be cut and given back as tax cuts, 
instead of military spending, you need to realize the avg. American family 
will receive less than 1/20th of what is needed to pay tuition to private 
institutions of study.  Not to mention public schools foster a much better 
learning environment.

But lets not discuss what needs to done in America, for I can care less, and 
neither do people in this forum.  And I am the culprit of introducing this 
argument regarding America.  But I realize that this is not the place to 
discuss this issue... however I would love to discuss things about the 
American political and social system if you choose to do so in private email. 

Let us talk here about what can be done in India! At least we can agree on 
that? :)



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