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Indian vs American consumerism - by Mr. Naveen

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Naveenkj@aol.com wrote:

> Dear AP,
> A wise man once told me, "the more free you think you are the more
> delusioned"... We are NOT free.  Consumerism forces people to buy those
> products that define a certain "status", wrongly intrepreted as
"standard" of
> life.  To the middle class American products present a sense of superiority
> and hence makes it a must for them to strive to achieve the "status", where
> they can afford to buy American cultural commodity.  When such a society is
> established, everything of cultural value will be lost.  Now I'm not
> proposing for us to fight for our culture and calling upon denunciation of
> other cultures.  You may live your life following different traditions.  But
> simply beware that Capitalism does not endorse the Indian way of life, which
> is what the Indian people are used to and attempts to change will result
> tensions not only in families but in society at large.  This is not so
> visible and can be quantifiable, but you only have to look at the family
> structures of American society, and so called "american culture" which is
> loosely defined by a bunch of lost people to recognize the ills of

What nonsense!!  Indians have always been consumer-centric culture long before
Americans and have been oppressed for far too long by brain-dead socialists.
Indian Capitalism is not same as American Capitalism.

The theme of 1947 Independence was that Indian people can produce anything
the intervention of a British Raj.  Indian consumers need not be told by a
what they should like and what they shouldn't!!  The People are Consumers
and they
will not be oppressed by brain-dead socialist ideologies which tell them
that they
must not embrace their consumerism.  Simply put: the People of India are
Consumers and they are not American and hence, will not be told by a
British Raj
or a domestic thug what they should like and shouldn't like!!

Vamsi M.

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