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buffaloes have a language too....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
As Ravi Shankar stated in his book that he felt like he was playing his
music to
a bunch of water buffaloes during a Woodstock concert in the US.

Naveenkj@aol.com wrote:

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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
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> >How does this scenario apply here? I am talking about a new Industry, which
> >is going to create new jobs, let me ask you how it is going to land people
> >jobless?
> What makes you think this will yeild new jobs? If you choose to emulate the
> American sporting industry, most sports have different seasons, spanning for
> only 5 months over a year.  The other 7 months of the year the stadiums
go to
> sleep, with only a minimal maintainance crew watering the grass.  After the
> initial construction of the stadiums there would not be many
opportunities to
> produce a vibrant job market.

I really don't know what this posting is about but I thought I should clarify
something here.  There are no specialized construction jobs in India.  For
example, those constructing stadiums might find themselves working on a
office building in the next season and so on.  Hence, the quantity of jobs
created within an economy become relevent to keep these people employed.

Seasonal construction employment is a brain-dead concept of the socialist

> >What is your problem, if somebody invests some money in this unexplored
> >area, it is not coming out of public coffers, and moreover it is probably
> >going to do more good to public, which I'll try to demonstrate later in
> >reply.
> My problem is, the American type sporting industry in India would do nothing
> to allieviate the poverty of India.

It certainly wouldn't amplify the current problem.  If anything it would keep
people busy and might promote team learning, self-confidence, health, etc.

> Furthermore, it would prove detremental
> to Indian culture as we surrender ourselves to "American" capitalism.  And
> again I wouldn't care if the majority in India wish to live like Americans
> with a 50% unsucessful marriage rates, with single mother family and teenage
> pregnancies (for don't be fooled, those are definite side effects of
> capitalism), but I'm sure most of us don't.

Indian Sports are NOT American sports!!  Let me repeat again, Indian Sports
very much different than American sports in the way of training,
recruitment, and
profession.  Indian Sports must be allowed to carve their own course.  And
brain-dead control freaks should keep out of it.

> >By going through this argument we should stop doing everything (like why
> >India should have nuclear weapons when we can't provide water to out
> >population, why we need such an expensive and unaudited space program, how
> >about other defense programs, higher education anyone...).
> Chi Ching! Exactly! To add to that, why have we broken away from the
> ideals of this nation,the principles of Ahimsa?

Buffaloes have a language of their own language, isn't it?  But they do eat

> >If you see pragmatically towards our water problem, it is more of
> mismanagement and
> >lack of money than lack of natural resource. How many villages have you
> >sitting right on the bank of river without water? I've seen some and that's
> >the reason I am writing this. And go to the small cities and townships
> >some Industry is located, you'll hardly see any water problem, I strongly
> >urge you to go and see Jamshedpur in Bihar (what a wonderfull public
> >administration system, and can you imagine it is located in Bihar), so
> >through the same line if sport complex (fictitious) needs lots of water,
> >knows they might come up with proper arrangements with local water
> >authorities which in turn would benefit everybody.
> Poor management can be dealt with through further democratization of public
> officials and resources.  Instead of water resources maintained and run by
> corrupt beuracrats who accept bribe in turn for water allocations to
> industrial areas, we need let the people directly involved in voting to
> acquire water resources.  To places that are really in need.  Your proposal
> to building a sports complex, and yes it will require many gallons of water
> everyday to maintain the quality of grass, will lead only to further
> corruption and loss of democracy.  Water will be channelled to these
> highpriced capitalists and the real Indian will loose his share, much like
> the farmers in south India have, thanks to Heinz food company.
> >this project needs to be done outside
> >the city, where anybody could see how much land is totally wasted.
> Only these lands being wasted can be distributed to the poor, as done in
> Zimbabwe, to encourage small businesses.

I suppose you would entrust a bureaucratic Government to do this for the poor

> >I think you totally misunderstood this point, I never even tried to imply
> >that no Govt. is the solution, at the same time what is this more
> >democratization of India? Try reading first few pages of constitution of
> >India, after which I probably won't have to explain it is us who are
> >the Constitution than the Constitution failing us.
> I completely agree, we are the ones failing the constitution, by having
> labor grow unchecked, and instead of building more schools in remote
> to guarantee the educational rights of those "Indians", we spend our
money on
> nuclear technology and with give tax cuts to the rich!

Hmm....are you living in America or in India?  You do speak like an
American and
that is why I am asking.

> >This is how you feel it, you may be in the majority, however I don't agree
> >with this situation.
> I'm glad the majority does and comeon brother, I hope you too see our side.

> >I beg to differ on this, the atheletes are highly paid by there teams. You
> >can verify this.
> Although the athletes in major leagues get paid more than the avg. American,
> i.e. more than $26,000, not everyone get paid at that level.  Only a
> selective group gets to play in the majors, the minor league player are not
> so wealthy.  Further more most players in the majors don't get paid millions
> of dollars either.  It is corporate sponsors that pick the better players
> pay them through commericials etc. and ultimately the entirety of the
> industry is run as a consumer product advertising agency and not an
> institution that respects true qualities of a sportsman.

The concept of equal distribution of wealth will only empower institutions
as has
been done in the past.  What we must strive for is equal opportunity for
to create wealth.  Only such a mechanism will effectively check the power and
offer a stable platform across generations!!

> >Now this is once again beyond my comprehension, this remind me of friend of
> >mine nerrating her experiences in Calcutta buses, while travelling dressed
> >up in saree she was asked by a middle aged person while offering his sit
> >"Bosho Maa" in bengali, while after few days when she was travelling
> >Jeans, she was asked the similar question in English.
> Hahahaha… that's funny!

> >My question is why can't puri go with sport, and why can't you go to see a
> >match wearing Kurtha (I sure do). Moreover what is wrong with Pizza? it is
> >perfectly edible product.
> This is as I have said earlier is a hard concept to grasp, and I don't wish
> to spend time in this forum to debate the fruits of holding on to our
> indigineous culture and how American consumerism poses a threat to it.  Its
> how capitalism works, just look to Japan, Mexico, and liberalized parts of
> India to find the repulsive teens to Indian culture.

What nonsense!!  Indian culture is more pro-consumer than American and it has
been oppressed by brain-dead socialists for too long!!

Vamsi M.

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