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A refutation of Naveen's opinion

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Dear Naveen,

Are you a luddite ? Do you fail to see the obvious benefits that an
urban lifestyle can confer on anyone ? you get a range of services and
products that are totally impossible to get in a rural situation. you,
sitting out there in the US, think that the benefit for an indian
village should be so and so. Have you asked this people what they want
? In most of the cases the reply is "Bijli,SAdak, pani, skool" this
remains at their core. they also want that their life be left alone
for them to lead. i.e - "laissez faire". The capitalist system is one
where everyone is free to live their life the way they want to. why
are you unable to distinguish the services offered by a corporation
which has the power only to entice you with a juicy deal. Nothing more
and nothing less. You equate it to the kind of feudal control in which
your life, your everything is controlled by your landlord (vestiges of
this continue in India ) 

you equate the moral collapse of america to capitalism. I consider
that to be your opinion, you have a right to your opinion. I have
heard a lot of "reasons" for the american moral degradation including
"rising income taxes which made papa's income inadequate to run the
family, so mama had to leave the home and work and in absence of her
loving care, the children were brought up by the devil"


"public education, totally shorn of acountability resulted in a very
rotten system. this system negated reason and rationality and the
kid's minds got slowly destroyed"

I think blaming everything on capitalism is throwing the baby out with
the bathwater. Progress is GOOD. Industries are  GOOD. MORE MONEY THAN
YOU CAN COUNT IS GOOD. We all have a fundamental freedom to change our
circumstances. those who accept this are the ones who acually get to
doing things in this world. 

the libertarian motto is - leave our life to us. 

If you think you are a helpless, whimpering victim of corporate
propoganda, then so be it. You become your mental image. But don't
extend it to ME. I use products which I think have utility for ME. I
may choose a pizza, pasta, tacos,dosa, parantha, anything. I may even
invent a dish to suit only my taste. I care two hoots about the "dosa
purist" who says it'll hurt our culture to introduce cheese into
Dosas. I eat cheese uttapams because I LIKE THEM. 

got my point ?


Naveenkj@aol.com wrote on Saturday August 19, 2000 at 12:03am:
>Dear AP,
>A wise man once told me, "the more free you think you are the more 
>delusioned"... We are NOT free.  Consumerism forces people to buy
>products that define a certain "status", wrongly intrepreted as
"standard" of 
>life.  To the middle class American products present a sense of
>and hence makes it a must for them to strive to achieve the "status",
>they can afford to buy American cultural commodity. 


> Capitalism does not endorse the Indian way of
life, which 
>is what the Indian people are used to and attempts to change will
>tensions not only in families but in society at large.  This is not
so easily 
>visible and can be quantifiable, but you only have to look at the
>structures of American society, and so called "american culture"
which is 
>loosely defined by a bunch of lost people to recognize the ills of
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