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American Culture and Us

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
While I believe that it unlikely that there is scope for a major Sporting 
Industry on the lines of the US here in India, Naveen's statements about 
Gandhian models of development and the the importance of India's indigenous 
culture and the threat of capitalism seems to bely a myopic view of the way
which a society will develop.

50% divorce rates, teenage pregnancies, single mother families????!!

Why not step back and take a look at the effect of the conditioning of our
society - need I mention child marriage (teenage pregnancies, you say?), 
family abuse (50% divorce rates? At least people don't stay stuck in
where they are oppressed), entrenched casteism, etc.

Indian society will continue to hold on to such values that she believe are
her interests. An invasion of CK jeans, Heinz and pizzas is not an assault on 
this culture, its the evolution of it. To see the trajectory of Indian
as static and grounded forever in some individually-defined "roots" is 
ridiculous. The influences of other cultures and peoples are undoubtedly
to take place and have their effect.

Kartik Ramachandran

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