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Hyd. Bangalore visit

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

I will be in Hyderabad and Bangalore on 22/23 and 24/25 resp. Will be very
glad to meet folks who have contributed or participated actively on IPI.
You can get my whereabouts from:

22/23: Hyd. (from 21 evening)
Sh. J. Satyanarayana, IAS, Secretary IT, AP 	(O) 3456401
Sh. CVSK Sarma, IAS, Secretary Irrigation, AP  (O) 3452411
Sh. K. Rajasekhar, NIC	(O) 3223142
Sh. Ajay Gandhi, IPI		(O) 3211458, 3237318

24/25 (from 23rd evening): Blr
Sh. Vivek Kulkarni, IAS Secy, IT, Karnataka, (O) 2262466, 2262450
	(ask for Mr.Beliappa, Ex. Asst. to Secy if Secy is not there)

Thank you,

Sanjeev Sabhlok, Commissioner and Secy, IT, etc., Meghalaya

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