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Re: Will India win a medal this Olympics ?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
India is a free country and Indians are free people.  If someone chooses
pizza over roti, or jeans over pyjamas, thats a personal choice made by a
free individual.  Neither you nor I can do anything about it.  Who are you
to decide that pyjamas are "better" for "Indians" than jeans, or that a
glass of orange juice in the morning will "destroy our culture and family
values" ??.  And yes, no one can really force anyone to choose one over the
other as you fear American companies will do!!  Witness the dire straits of
Kelloggs etc in India (or so I am told).  I love CK trousers because they
fit me well and no one forced me to wear them.  Oooppps should i not have
said that ??  Now I am not Indian enough for you.  Remember no one forces me
to choose chicken curry over a pizza either.  

--- Naveenkj@aol.com wrote:
" To adapt such a society would require India to make drastic cultural
adjustments.  For instance eating pizza instead of puri, and dressing in
denim jeans instead of kurthas.  For the corporate sponspors will force on
India, American cultural commodities of Nike Shoes and CalvinKlein Jeans. 
Are we ready to surrender our culture?  Are we ready to accept the costs to
human life, culture and democracy, for these are requisite means for
achieving an America in the Indian sub-continent?"

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