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Re: Will India win a medal this Olympics ?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
This discussion about the olympics reminds me of an article in "The Hindu" on 
the day of the anniversary of the Quit India Movement.  A group of women had 
gathered (the place I don't recall) protesting multinational corporations, 
mainly large farming industries that are not only responsible for dwindling 
the local farming industry and destroying family farms pushing many farmers 
into poverty, but are also responsible for unequal acquisition of fertilizers 
and water resources. (Ironically, around the small article were large 
advertisements for Heinz ketchup, Lee Jeans, Domino's pizza, and a weight 
loss center.)

The proponent of institutionalizing American Sporting industry in India must 
make it known the costs of such initiatives.  In a land of 700 million people 
without access to safe drinking water, how does this proponent ask for 
Indians to spend metric tons of water on daily maintainance of American 
quality sporting fields?  Furthermore, where is the place to build sports 
stadiums in already overcrowded cities?  Oh, maybe we will do what we have 
done with our highway expansion programs.  Displace dalits and build it on 
top of sacred burial grounds of Scheduled Tribe lands (which were once given 
to them and promised non-industrialization).  He further states there shall 
be no govt. involvement for it will be a hurdle to this "progress".  Thinking 
the answers to ending the corruption in our govt. is to have no govt. at 
all... no even your gods of the west will agree that further democratization 
is the answer to corruption not laissez-faire.

Furthermore, where is the dire need for this?  Not winning medals in Olympics 
is not a valid cause for proposals such as this.  The people in India, up to 
my knowledge, are not crying for alternative forms of entertainment, 
especially sports.  

The American sporting industry is nothing more than a form of business, run 
through marketing principles of consumerism.  The athletes are highly paid, 
not by their teams but through corporate sponsorships.  To adapt such a 
society would require India to make drastic cultural adjustments.  For 
instance eating pizza instead of puri, and dressing in denim jeans instead of 
kurthas.  For the corporate sponspors will force on India, American cultural 
commodities of Nike Shoes and CalvinKlein Jeans.  Are we ready to surrender 
our culture?  Are we ready to accept the costs to human life, culture and 
democracy, for these are requisite means for achieving an America in the 
Indian sub-continent?

Why do we have to succeed in terms set by the white man?  Why do we have to 
emulate everything American?  Where have the Gandhians gone?  When will we 
realize globalization means assimilation into a culture of rugged 
individualism, selfishness, unhappiness, lack of family values, all in the 
name of economic progress?  When will we realize that the western standards 
of world power are suicidal?  Do we really belong to such a backward, 
uncivilized culture, that we don't find it worthy of having westerners 
emulate us for a change?  Why doesn't the rest of the world learn kabadi, eat 
roti for breakfast, and hum the tunes of Ravi Shankar?  Maybe then we shall 
think about listening to American music?



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