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Re: Will India win a medal this Olympics ?

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I do not see the relevance of your question.  The decision to take part in
sports with the dedication required to excel on the world stage is an
intensely personal one.  As a free nation we cannot screen young kids for
potential and train them for the olympics, as is/was the practice is Russia
and China.  If you want a reason for the lack of interest in excelling in
sports, the lack of infrastructure for becoming professional athletes is the
primary one.  If u wish to run for the glory of your nation, you are free to
do so :)


Ah, Love ! could thou and I with Fate conspire, To grasp this sorry scheme
of Things entire, Would not we shatter it to bits ---- and then, Re-mould
it nearer to the Heart's Desire !

Jab purdah nahi koi khudah seh, to bandhon se purdah kya.

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