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Re: Will India win a medal this Olympics ?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>Why? Why is this nation with a 100 crore population unable to find even a
>single medal winner? Is it due to a dearth of talent in India ? Are we so
>bad? Or do we believe that only work is worship ?
>Or are we simply uninterested? And why do a majority of sports persons 
>the field after they have got a  job?

Here are some of my observations about sports in India, and this time I feel 
the Govt. is not fully responsible for this:

1) In India any sport is considered to be pure amateuer thing as opposed to 
professional in US or in Europe, can anybody in India even have an 
opportunity to become professional player (except for the Cricketers, and 
too only on a national level)?

2) There is no money in sports for players, the reason for this is we do not 
have any "Sporting Industry" to name for (like NFL, NBA etc in US) where 
local clubs of different cities compete with each other, and generate lots 
of public interest, which in turn funds these kind of events.

Let's take example of US and how sports are conducted over here (there 
abosolutely no involvement of Govt.):

1) For each sport (say baseball) there are multiple leagues (Major/minor 
etc) (you'll say we also have them in India)
2) Teams in these leagues are fielded by local clubs (you'll say we do the 
same in India too.)
3) However the similarity ends there, players of these clubs are full time 
employee of these clubs, and they are paid pretty well (even for the minor 
league clubs like Birmingham "Barrons" playing against Columbia "capitals").
4) There league matches are so well orchestrated, it gives a full 2 to 4 
hour entertainment to spectators (who are funding these events), moreover it 
also opens a whole new avenue of affordable family entertainment (just think 
how many avenues we have in India for family entertainment apart from 
5) Clubs also gets money from selling TV rights for these local sporting 
events, advetisement etc. (I leave that upto your imaginations).
6) So the players playing for these clubs have full time job doing that and 
they also shift jobs during change of seasons.
7) Now coming back to India, how many sports club/leagues we have which 
meets above mentioned critiria (Mohan Bagan, East Bengal in football) 
(Cricket Club of India in Cricket), and I think that's it. Cricket is the 
most popular (and probably the professional) sport in the country, however 
look at the domestic level cricket, the way they are oragnized, its bad...
8) There are some corporate bodies like Tata's and some big public sector 
companies which hires players on there playing merits, however after they 
are working there, they are supposed to do their regular jobs, moreover the 
spirit is of doing Charity rather than have serious sports.
9) Almost every decent sized city in India has there own stadium mostly 
owned by local Govt. and they are used for every thing except sport (atleast 
that is the case in Nagpur and Nanded in Maharahtra), be it political rally 
or whatever...
10) Now whatever I've described above can't be done by the Govt. it has to 
be done by entrepreneurs (and in current scenario I don't think Govt. would 
be hurdle in that) to carve an industry out of sports.

Won't that be great to have a field hockey league match between Nagpur 
"Snakes" and Hyderabad "Perls" being watched by more than 30,000 spectators 
and also beamed live on TV, I really dream of that day ....

What do you guys think....

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