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Scatistics ...

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

I derived it from SCAm staTISTICS  -> SCATISTICS ... to understand what I
mean please
read on. 

The great Indian scams:   (excerpt from one magazine)

          According to one estimate , if this money is spent on
          infrastructure, then Indian infrastructure will be
          equivalent to the one in developed countries.
          Your efforts will be appreciated to make public
          aware of effects of such scams on their life.....

          #  Project Name                   Amount (in Rs)
          -  ------------                                --------------
          1  Share scam                     1000 crores
          2  Sugar scam                      650 crores
          3  Bofors scam                      65 crores
          4  Hawala case                      65 crores
          5  Housing scam                     18 crores
          6  M.P. trading                     32 crores
          7  Fertilizer scam                 133 crores
         8  Medicine Equipment scam        5000 crores
          9  Telecom case                   1200 crores
          10 Newsprint case                   20 crores
          11 Indian bank scam               1336 crores
          12 Fodder scam (Bihar)            1000 crores
          13 Land scam (Bihar)               400 crores
          14 Bitumen scam (Bihar)            100 crores
          15 Medicine scam (Bihar)           100 crores
          16 Forest case (Meghalaya)         300 crores
          17 Ayurveda scam (UP)               32 crores
          18 Dhoti-Saree scam (Tamil)         11 crores
          19 Coal scam (Tamilnadu)           750 crores
          20 Forest reserve scam (Meghalaya)  75 crores
          21 Wakof Scam (West Bengal)       1600 crore
          22 Dental College Case (Karnataka)  50 lakhs

          This  is  just the tip of the iceberg of an
          immense range of possibilities, which  you can  take
          advantage of. For example, there have been scams like
          Treasury  scams,  Panchayat  Scam,  Fishery Scam,
          Cooperative scam, Dairy scam, Food Ministry scam,
          Lottery scam, and hospital scams. 
          Now see how many jewels this system has produced:
          #  Name of person     Amount (in Rs)
          -  --------------     --------------
          1  Motilal  Vohra      11.0 lakhs
          2  P. Shivshankar      26.0 lakhs
          3  Ajit Panja           3.5 lakhs
          4  Balaram Jhakar      61.0 lakhs
          5  N.D. Tiwari         25.0 lakhs
          6  B.D.Thakne          10.0 lakhs
          7  Kalpnath Rai        54.0 lakhs
          8  C.K. Jaffar Shwarif 10.0 lakhs
          9  Buta Singh           7.0 lakhs
          10 V.C. Shukla         65.0 lakhs
          11 P.L.Shahi           11.3 lakhs
          12 R.K.Dhawan          50.0 lakhs
          13 Madhav rao Scindia  75.0 lakhs
          14 Kamal Nath          17.0 lakhs
          15 Arjun Singh         10.0 lakhs
          16 S.L. Khurana         3.0 lakhs
          17 Arif Mohd. Khan      7.0 crores 56 lakhs
          18 Asoke Sen           20.0 lakhs
          19 Yashwant Sinha      21.0 lakhs
          20 Devilal             50.0 lakhs
          21 K. Natwar Singh     21.0 lakhs
          22 Arjun Singh         10.0 lakhs
          23 Chandram             1.0 lakh
          (Figures are according to CBI chargesheet)

          And  of course, we have not mentioned the greats
          like Jayalalitha and Laloo Prasad Yadav who have
          attained pinnacles of performance in this Venture and
          all  these great men and women have emerged in the
          past 5 or 6 years and is only a minuscule fraction of
          the amount of wealth that has been generated by these
          exceptional strategies and their predecessors over the
          past 50 years.
          In one estimate, the total amount of wealth in
          foreign bank accounts of Politicians only are $110
          billion US dollars.
          The Indian national budget is $65billion and the
          total industrial infrastructure development needs for
          India to be at par with some of the developed
          countries is at $150 billion. Also, note that this
          amount is the cost of 366 nuclear reactors at the cost
          of $300 million dollar each.


          Do pass this on to other's to create some
          awareness of the greatness of our country Leaders!!

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