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Re: Will India win a medal this Olympics ?

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In a message dated 08/15/2000 4:35:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
arun_pn@email.com writes:

<< I would like to know your views on whether India will win a gold medal (or 
 atleast a medal) in the forthcoming Sydney olympics.
 I dream of a day when India reaches the top in the medal list , but alas i 
 think it will remain a dream this olympics also.
 Why? Why is this nation with a 100 crore population unable to find even a 
 single medal winner? Is it due to a dearth of talent in India ? Are we so 
 bad? Or do we believe that only work is worship ?
 Or are we simply uninterested? And why do a majority of sports persons leave 
 the field after they have got a  job? >>


Maybe because the games in olympics are not native to India.  and there are 
tons of other reasons, like avg. calorie intake, the kind of diet, the 
cultural trend than frowns on their children motivated towards sports.  But 
whatever the reasons are .... why do you care if India wins in olympics?  WHy 
is it so imporant for us to achieve the heights of sports, entertainment, 
work, designed and constructed by the white man?  Maybe the real problem is 
in our thinking... in our strives for a success in a world not designed for 
us to be successful!



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